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Travel Industry
Recognise & Reward the excellent performers in the Travel & Tourism industry such Hotels / Resorts, Tourism Boards, Travel Companies, Attractions & etc.
Restaurant & Food Industry
Recognise & Reward the best service providers in the restaurant & food industry around the world. The nominees are from individual restaurants to multi-country restaurant chains
Wellness & Spa Industry
Identify the best performers in the Wellness and Spa industry and reward them to promote their spa brand globally to the next great heights.
General Manager
The World GM Awards is crafted to recognise the outstanding General Managers from the Hospitality industry such as Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Villas, 5 / 4 / 3 Star Hotels, Restaurants, Spa & Wellness.

Switzerland Hospitality Awards

Hospitality has always been a part of Switzerland's national heritage. From the development of the first thermal baths by the Romans to the establishment of various hospitality facilities, this sector in Switzerland has grown significantly. Many surviving hospitality facilities have gone through several transformations to keep up with the new amenities being built. Many of these ancient hotels and inns are now some of the best hospitality centers in the world. This industry is boosted by its educational sector, which offers several leading programs as students go on to establish businesses based on the availability of knowledge and modern infrastructure. The country is a global leader in education on hotel management. Golden Tree hosts the hospitality industry award, which recognizes the best brands that have distinguished themselves.

International Travel Awards

Switzerland hosts hospitality awards sponsored by an international hotel management company. Participants stand to gain from it. This award has the following advantages, A chance to boost your company's supply chain and market credibility, as well as certification from a global awards organization and recognition that lasts a decade and a fitting corporate web profile for your business

Hospitality Awards – Hotel Sector

Switzerland is one of the global leaders when it comes to hospitality. The Swiss hospitality industry comprises thousands of travel destinations and hotels. In 2020, there were about 320 chain hotels in the country. There is substantial hotel growth in its famous cities of Geneva, Zurich, Berne, and Basel. About 14 new hotel brands are looking to set up in the country. This will add nearly 5,000 new hotel rooms in less than four years. Foreign investors who find the country favorable for hotel and hospitality investment boost the Swiss hotel industry. The hotel awards look to recognize outstanding businesses in this luxury category.

Hospitality Awards – Spa & Wellness Sector

The Spa industry is driven by the need for people to live healthily and prevent stress. Over the years, the global $563 billion spa industry has increased tremendously, and Switzerland has been at the center of this market increase. As a result, the country has numerous luxury Spa brands offering a mix of Swiss premium hospitality and the best healthy relaxation habits.

Hospitality Awards – Restaurant Sector

Switzerland has a thriving restaurant sector with a diverse range of cuisine options. Swiss cuisine itself is heavily influenced by French, German, and Italian cuisine, and it is also known for its use of high-quality ingredients such as cheese, chocolate, and wine. Additionally, due to its international reputation, Switzerland has a variety of restaurants that cater to different tastes and cultures.

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Dzimbahwe Guest Lodge

Gromaxx Hotels Management LLC

RAF Hotel Apartments LLC

The Grand Palace Suites - Hotel

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The Granite Luxury Hotel

The S Holiday Homes

Azimut Tour Operator & DMC


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