Czechia Hospitality Awards 2024

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Travel Industry
Recognise & Reward the excellent performers in the Travel & Tourism industry such Hotels / Resorts, Tourism Boards, Travel Companies, Attractions & etc.
Restaurant & Food Industry
Recognise & Reward the best service providers in the restaurant & food industry around the world. The nominees are from individual restaurants to multi-country restaurant chains
Wellness & Spa Industry
Identify the best performers in the Wellness and Spa industry and reward them to promote their spa brand globally to the next great heights.
General Manager
The World GM Awards is crafted to recognise the outstanding General Managers from the Hospitality industry such as Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Villas, 5 / 4 / 3 Star Hotels, Restaurants, Spa & Wellness.

Czechia Hospitality Awards

The Golden Tree Dubai is proud to host the Czechia Hospitality Awards, an event that recognizes the outstanding performance of businesses in the hospitality industry of Czechia. The awards aim to promote and showcase the excellent standards of the hospitality industry in the country, and to create a platform that encourages innovation, growth, and competitiveness.

Czechia Hospitality Awards-industry growth

Czechia's hospitality industry has experienced steady growth over the past decade. The country's tourism industry has been a significant contributor to this growth. According to the Czech Statistical Office, the number of overnight stays in Czechia increased by 3.4% in 2019 compared to the previous year. The growth in the tourism industry has led to an increase in the number of hotels, restaurants, and spas in the country, further fueling the growth of the hospitality industry.

International Travel Awards

Participating in hospitality award programs such as the International Travel Awards has numerous benefits for businesses in the hospitality industry. These awards provide an opportunity for businesses to showcase their services, gain recognition, and increase their brand reputation. By participating in these awards, businesses can also gain valuable feedback from industry experts and peers, which they can use to improve their services.

Hospitality Awards - Hotel Sector

The hotel industry in Czechia has seen significant growth over the years, with an increase in tourism and business travel. The hotel sector is a vital part of the hospitality industry and has contributed significantly to the country's economy. The Czechia Hospitality Awards recognize outstanding hotels in various categories, such as luxury hotels, boutique hotels, and more.

Hospitality Awards - Spa & Wellness Sector

The spa and wellness industry in Czechia is a significant contributor to the country's tourism industry. The Czechia Hospitality Awards recognize the best spas and wellness centers in the country based on criteria such as the quality of treatments offered, customer service, and sustainability. Winning an award in this category can attract new customers and investors and lead to increased business for the spa or wellness center.

Hospitality Awards - Restaurant Sector

The restaurant sector in Czechia is diverse, offering a wide range of culinary experiences. The
country is known for its traditional cuisine, including dishes like goulash, dumplings, and roast pork. The Hospitality Awards program recognizes outstanding restaurants in various categories, such as fine dining, casual dining, and more.

In conclusion, the Czechia Hospitality Awards organized by Golden Tree Dubai. The Czechia industry has grown significantly, leading to the establishment of several prestigious award programs. These awards recognize exceptional businesses in various sectors of the industry, promoting excellence and innovation. Winning an award can benefit businesses in a number of ways, including increased visibility and credibility that leads to more business and revenue.

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GTA - Czechia Travel Awards Winner Testimonial

Dzimbahwe Guest Lodge

Gromaxx Hotels Management LLC

RAF Hotel Apartments LLC

The Grand Palace Suites - Hotel

GTA - Czechia Hospitality Awards Winner Testimonial

The Granite Luxury Hotel

The S Holiday Homes

Azimut Tour Operator & DMC


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