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Travel Industry
Recognise & Reward the excellent performers in the Travel & Tourism industry such Hotels / Resorts, Tourism Boards, Travel Companies, Attractions & etc.
Restaurant & Food Industry
Recognise & Reward the best service providers in the restaurant & food industry around the world. The nominees are from individual restaurants to multi-country restaurant chains
Wellness & Spa Industry
Identify the best performers in the Wellness and Spa industry and reward them to promote their spa brand globally to the next great heights.
General Manager
The World GM Awards is crafted to recognise the outstanding General Managers from the Hospitality industry such as Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Villas, 5 / 4 / 3 Star Hotels, Restaurants, Spa & Wellness.

Belarus Hospitality Awards

The hospitality industry in Belarus has been experiencing an impressive rate of growth in recent years, a trend that is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. This is mainly due to the increasing foreign investment and tourism, which has increased the number of businesses and customers. Moreover, the government has implemented several policies to stimulate tourism and promote local hospitality businesses. This has resulted in an increased demand for accommodation, restaurants, and other services, contributing to Belarus's hospitality industry's growth.

International Travel Awards

The GoldenTree Hospitality Award Program offers various benefits to those who participate. Through the program, those involved have an enhanced opportunity to build a powerful brand identity. This is achieved through various advertising media, such as PR submissions to various technology outlets and the publication of winner announcements on Facebook, LinkedIn and emails distributed to real estate professionals worldwide. Furthermore, award winners have a unique package that emphasizes their success and branding in the winner's area. By leveraging these strategies, GoldenTree can boost the award winners' brands, dramatically affecting their future success.

Hospitality Awards - Hotel Sector

The recognition of the top-performing hotels in Belarus through awards programs has been instrumental in raising the standards within the industry and stimulating the growth of the hotel sector in Belarus. The Hospitality industry award in Belarus have provided a critical opportunity for hotels to showcase their services and gain exposure to potential customers nationwide.

Hospitality Awards - Spa & Wellness Sector

The Hospitality awards in Belarus by GoldenTree has been a crucial factor in the development of the spa industry in the country. This Hospitality industry accolade was developed to recognize the excellence and accomplishments of spas and spa-related organizations and facilitate growth in the sector. Due to this program, Belarus has experienced a surge in spas and spa-related businesses, enabling the industry to flourish.

Hospitality Awards - Restaurant Sector

The restaurant industry in Belarus has seen remarkable growth over the past few years. With the high levels of tourism and a growing economy, the sector has become increasingly important for the country's overall economic development. This is especially true for the capital city of Minsk, with its bustling nightlife and a wide range of restaurants catering to different tastes. The industry is characterized by high competition, with many restaurants competing for customers.

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Dzimbahwe Guest Lodge

Gromaxx Hotels Management LLC

RAF Hotel Apartments LLC

The Grand Palace Suites - Hotel

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The Granite Luxury Hotel

The S Holiday Homes

Azimut Tour Operator & DMC


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